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A Nasty Hack of My Wordpress Websites Started It All...

One day while on vacation, 10 mission critical WordPress sites I was running for clients when down. Even worse they were hacked and replaced with spam content. My clients were furious and I lost business. It took me a week to get them back up. My awful hosting vendor (1and1) said it was my problem. I knew I had to make a change

I switched to another cheap vendor (Bluehost) and my sites became secure but slow. I grew frustrated and decided to make a big jump and switch to AWS. Yes, I moved to Amazon and had to do all the dev ops myself to setup the database and servers. Once I had my sites up and a ton of security behind them, I realized that while a good choice, I was spending too much of my time with dev ops, maintenance, and upgrade issues. Like 1and1, AWS said that they only provided hosting, and anything else was my problem. I had to make a move again.

I decided to test several premimum vendors like Kinstra, DreamHost, FlyWheel and SiteGround. In the end, after nearly 30 days of evaluation, I finally found the perfect worpdress hosting vendor.

WP Engine was a savior for my wordpress business. It was a bit more expensive than other options, but when I look at how much time and stress I have already saved myself, the cost is more than justified. In fact, I made more money because I dont have to hire a dev ops person, or spend hours doing site maintenance. Instead, I was able to take on more clients. I can go on and on about it, but four keys things made it a cut above the rest.

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Dozens of tools by WP Engine for free to use to enhance your wordpress.


WP Engine handles security and dev ops. If your site is hacked, it's their problem to fix


Daily site and database backups.

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